Vintage: Tex Murdock

Vint70s-Lvr: Hot daddy Tex Murdock, man of my young gay dreams. He was primarily a magazine model, only a couple of film credits to his name. Ripped, hairy, muscular and “Tom Selleck” moustache – Tex hit all the right notes. Tex bottomed for Tom LeDuc in “Leather Bond.” He topped Tony Regalia in “Hot Beach.”

Sources: Brutos-Eros, Gay Porn Obsession, BJ’s Gay Porno Crazed Ramblings, Welcome To My World, Gods Amongst Men, Tumblr.


    1. Hi Ruben – I don’t know. My to go-to sources (SmutJunkies and Gay Erotic Video Index) don’t say he died. His very short list of video and print credits, ended in ’82. He probably made a few dollars (probably very few) and slipped back into anonymity. What a man though! Thanks for following my blog!

      1. Thank you so much! Really enjoy all the hot vintage men, keep doing a great job!

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