Fuck! Kayden Gray – James Dixon (Penance)

Vint70s-Lvr: Bless me father… Kayden Gray fucks James Dixon in “Penance.” Kayden is a priest, hearing confession from James, whose sins arouse Kayden. Well, this is porn, so the confessional has a glory hole. Kayden slides his glorious uncut cock through it, and James swallows it whole. Kayden face fucks James for a while, and because he is a generous father, he accepts James’ cock in return. James backs up against the gloryhole, allowing Kayden to switch off between rimming and sucking. Primed and ready, James accepts his father’s gift deep inside. With James’ ass pressed hard against the gloryhole, Kayden thrusts in, pulls out. Again. Again. James strokes his rock hard cock, accepting his “penance.” The scene ends with James jacking a load onto Kayden’s chest, then kneeling one last time to take Kayden’s load in his mouth. This is sooo wrong, and yet really fucking hot! Link to video (not free) here.

Source: Manhunt Daily.

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