Christian Wilde – Austin Wilde Flip-fuck (The Coverup)

Vint70s-Lvr: Wilde x2. Austin deflowers Christian in “The Coverup.” These guys fuck like long lost lovers and it is so beautiful to behold! These are two of my favorite contemporary porn actors, and it’s especially hot when two tops tumble.

Austin undresses Christian, and sucks his large cock to hardness. Before too long, Austin feeds his thick cock to Christian. Austin manhandles Christian into a face down position with his ass arched, and plunges his face into that beautiful ass crack. He teases Christian’s hole, while his buddy jacks himself, still face down and prone on the bed. Christian gives up his hole first. Austin drives deep and hard, while Christian wraps his free leg around Austin to brace. Never thought I’d see Christian’s sexy feet up in the air and so clearly into being dominated by another man. They reposition, and Christian rides Austin’s cock cowboy. His hard thrusts cause his cock to thump Austin’s ripped pecs. Now it’s Austin’s turn to submit, and he jacks his rock hard cock while Christian pounds him from a few positions. Austin blows first, and Christian finishes himself on Austin’s belly. This is a keeper for life! Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Banana Guide, Queer Me Now.

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