Colby Keller – Samuel Colt Flip-fuck (Cocksure Men)

Vint70s-Lvr: Colby Keller is one of my favorite versatile top dogs. Samuel Colt is a rugged muscle bear who was lucky enough to get a massage from Colby. Of course it’s porn so the action heats up when Sam wants Colby to massage his tight hard ass. Sam gets what he wants and more, when Colby buries his face in his client’s asscrack. The men exchange blowjobs then Colby lays back and submits his ass to Sam, who warms up the masseur’s hole with a deep tonguing. Colby is incredibly flexible; his legs are completely behind his head while Sam rims him. Sam eases his cock inside his buddy’s hole, then as Colby adjusts Sam picks up the pace. Doesn’t look like Colby ever got past the discomfort, and he doesn’t stay on bottom very long. Sam gets his payback, taking Colby’s considerably larger cock in relative stride. A beautiful man on man muscle-fuck ensues. Sam takes a strong pounding from the front, back and straddle positions before jacking his load onto Colby’s chest. I LOVE that he squirted from a large-gage PA piercing hole near the end of his cock. I’d have loved it more if he’d fucked Colby while wearing that jewelry. I know from experience, that’s a special kind of prostate massage! Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Way Big, Tumblr.

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