Gay Art: Short Stories (Josman, Merida)

Vint70s-Lvr: I love these vignettes! A horny plumber reams out his red-headed assistant, using his giant tool. A bull dad breaks in his cellie. A young dude spies on his neighbor through the fence. The dirty old man teaches him a good hard lesson. Artwork by Josman and Merida.

Source: Tumblr.


  1. Lol, that young fella in the short story got lucky given the fact his parents weren’t home; he got the ride of his life from the master plumber. You know what they say: guys will be guys. You never know who’ll you’ll be pissin’ next to in toilet ;

  2. “Two guys doin’ what cums naturally”… Loved that first story, “The Plumber”.

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