Fuck! Titus Drumm – Michael Brandon (Sexpack 8)

Vint70s-Lvr: Titus Drumm gets horny in the woods with Michael Brandon in this scene from “Sexpack 8.” The video includes one of the best facefuck scenes ever. Michael force feeds Titus with his monster cock from a variety of positions. Both men growl with pleasure as Titus takes Michaels’ dick to its base over and over, slobber running down his face. Later, Michael fucks Titus on a redwood tree stump. Both men are incredibly verbal, sounding like a couple of grizzlies. Titus masterfully accommodates Michael’s donkey cock and forceful fucking. Gonna bet that Titus’ hole was a bit tender for a few days. Link to video (not free) here.

Source: Cocksuckers Guide, Tumblr, ‘net.

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