Fuck! Jessy Ares – Mitchell Rock (Awake)

Vint70-Lvr: Jessy Ares fucks Mitchell Rock on a secluded Greek beach in “Awake.” Jessy takes control of the scene by sucking Mitchell’s cock, and spreading his ass-cheeks for deep rimming. He teases Mitchell’s hole with his brushy cropped hair and beard to amp up the pleasure. They get into a 69 position, so Jessy can keep plying Mitchell’s hole while Mitchell sucks. Jessy gets behind Mitchell for the main event. Mitchell takes Jessy’s rough piston-like pounding like a power bottomed beast, building up his own self-fucking rhythm. They later reposition, with Mitchell riding Jessy’s cock bronco-style. Jessy finishes the scene by rolling Mitchell onto his back, fucking him hard and fast. Mitchell jerks out a load while Jessy fucks him, then Jessy pulls out and squirts on Mitchell’s face. Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Juicy Gay, Tumblr.

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