Fuck this


I don’t get tumblr, I mean i get it in the sense that its a blog, where pictures and quotes are posted, but does it not shock anyone that most of the tumblr society feels lost, depressed, empty? For so long tumblr made me think I was made of metaphors and quotes and that my sad lonely life could be described in one picture and if you keep doing what you, “keep going” you will no doubt, get better. But keep going with what exactly? Let me tell you, you are not made up of pictures and metaphors and sad quotes. You do not live off of relating to other sad people and although tumblr made you a more understanding person it didn’t come at a easy price. I could have much more beneficially and easily gotten the same thing from tumblr as i could have gotten from volunterring to help someone in need. You are made up of organs and tissue and water, and although you have the easy ability to be sad you have an even easier ability to be happy.

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