Vintage: Century Mining

Vint70s-Lvr: Eric Ryan fucks Pierce Daniels in “Century Mining.” This video is industrial and dirty. Directed by Al Parker, his fetishes of big cock, rough-cut men, and animal sex are all on full display. Eric gives Pierce a ride for his money in the foreman shack of a mine. Throughout the scene, Pierce jacks himself to the fantasy that we are watching, which ends with a very satisfying, slo-mo explosion.

Elsewhere in the mine, Pat Allen fucks David Hughes. Their sex is public, dirty and hot. Pat’s cum splash is outstanding. Ray Williams then fucks Case Harden. Ray’s cock is enormous, so lucky Case! Case also rewards with an amazing cum splash, as an added bene. He is uncut, as are many actors Al Parker featured. His slo-mo finish makes me want to go SLURP!

The “Century Mining” finale is a four-way orgy ends with a splash. The “trapped miners” do not appear to be distressed or in any hurry for rescue. Chris Thompson fucks Blake Cass, and Brick fucks Blake McDonald. The men and their fucking are raw, dirty and sweaty.

Link to video (not free) here.

Source: VHS archives.

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