Vintage: Rod Mitchell – Judd Preston (Ramcharger)

Vint70s-Lvr: Photo set from Ramcharger – Rod Mitchell and Judd Preston flipfuck. This video is Judd’s only, which is too bad. He has a toned tight CA surfer body and a really nice dick.

In the first clip, the horny men enter the scene wearing skimpy bathing suits and stroke themselves to arousal. Judd sucks Rod’s fat dick, then they switch places. Rod deep-throats Judd, then kneels doggy-style on a bale of hay to let Judd deep rim him. Judd stands to thrust his hard cock all the way into Rod’s tight ass, though it later softened and somewhat detracted from the otherwise hot scene. Rod doesn’t seem to mind; he takes the fucking then stands up to unload a big one.

Later, the men 69 and rim each other on a hay bale. You can see the intensity of the hot Cal sun on the their sweaty bodies. It’s Judd’s turn on bottom; Rod rams his hard dick into Judd balls deep. Rod fucks the cum out of Judd, then pulls out blows another big one onto Judd.

Full video clip is linked here.

Source: Tumblr, BJs Gay Porno-Crazed Ramblings.

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