Vintage: Bobby Madison – Paul Madison (Brother Load)

Vin70s-Lvr: Men of a certain age who enjoy gay porn are certainly familiar with William Higgins’ films. Mr. Higgins produced many classics, often featuring young men who were exploring their sexuality. I had a copy of this skin-rag back in the 80s, not until much later did I come across the related video. “Brother Load” features Paul and “Bobby Madison,” who explore each other’s bodies and secrets. Relax guys – they aren’t real brothers! Paul meets Bobby in a motel room in Hawaii, where Bobby is on furlough. While Bobby naps in his tighty-whities, Paul admires the outline of his buddy’s cock. Paul wakes the beast, and Bobby rewards him with a beautifully filmed pre-condom fuck. I’m intrigued by the photo in which Paul fucks Bobby, which didn’t happen in the film. I suspect it’s an outtake for the promo skin-rag. Too bad, I found Paul’s fur-patch irresistibly hot and had many JO sessions in my 20s thinking about him riding my ass.

Bobby Madison also goes by Brian Michaels, and he performed in other films such as “Matter of Size.” Paul did only one other porn film, “Young Olympians.” That beautiful fur patch, and he’s on top. Woof! Link to video (not free) here.

Source: Tumblr, ‘net.

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