Austin Wolf – Tyler Wolf flipfuck (Randy Blue)

Vint70s-Lvr: Porn couple Austin Wolf and Tyler Wolf flip-fuck for Randy Blue. Austin feeds his cock to Tyler, and fingers his mate’s hole as the scene opens. The camera’s POV is awesome, you can practically smell the funk as Austin buries his face in Tyler’s bubble butt. Though he starts off gently, Austin soon rams Tyler’s ass from behind; Tyler rocks to the rhythm. They reposition with Tyler on his back, holding his feet and legs to allow Austin full access to his sweet hole. Midway through the video, Tyler takes his turn on top. He spreads Austin’s fat ass cheeks open to rim his hole. This was the first video in which I saw Austin bottom, and I came at this point. Tyler teases the hole open with his cock, then after donning a rubber he pushes into Austin’s tight hole. Hard to know whether Austin totally got into it, based on his facial expression – looks like he’s really not used to bottoming. It was magnificent to see his muscular body splayed out and face down while his boyfriend fucked him. Tyler had to stop pretty quickly to avoid cumming, and the scene shifts. Austin rides Tyler’s cock and jacks a load onto Tyler’s chest. Tyler came inside the rubber while Austin was riding him. Austin fingers Tyler’s hole while he jacks for a second squirt. Austin also manages to tug out another. WOW fucking WOW! Link to video (not free) here.

Source: Manhunt Daily

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