Vintage: Nick Rogers, Chris West, Kevin Hunt, Mark Edwards (Rangers)

Vint70s-Lvr: Scenes from this movie were in one of my first porno mags. These hot daddies were (and still are) my go-to porno prototypes: rugged masculine everyday dudes who are really horny and pervy.

This scene sets up with Rangers Nick and Chris finding campers Mark and Kevin fucking outside their tent. Nick enjoys some deep rimming from Chris as he spies on the campers through binoculars. As Mark mounts and begins to fuck Kevin, the rangers trade places. Nick is not nearly as generous as Chris; he briefly rims then shoves his dick into Chris. Too bad, appears Chris wasn’t ready, since only one stroke made the cut.

Beautiful money shots as the campers release their big loads, then Nick blows all over Chris’ face in slow motion. Classically awesome Al Parker / Surge videography.

Source: Tumblr, My library.

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