Vintage: Clay Hughes, Raul Rivera and Ray Connors (Under Construction)

Vint70s-Lvr: Nova’s “Under Construction” was one of my most used porno magazines, back in the day when porn was either in the form of a magazine or required a visit to the “adult theater” quite a few miles away from home.

In the first loop, construction boss Clay Hughes and one of his workers Raul Rivera are stroking each other. Clay is fucking Raul when Ray Connors walks in on them, looking for a job. Clay “interviews” Ray – on his knees, then on his back. Meanwhile Raul spies on them through a window, stroking and cumming in synch with the action inside.
Source: Retro Studs, ‘net.

In the final part of the loop, Raul and Ray take revenge on Clay; Ray fucks his ass while Raul stuffs him from the other end with his big dick. Clay got exactly what he deserved, and enjoyed every minute of it.

Raul’s uncut cock was the first one I’d ever seen, and I’ve been a skin fan ever since. Ray’s bad-boy rough-cut look has also been a consistent turn-on.

My most treasured boyhood pervy fantasies are played out on 8mm film and VHS. Here is are some clips…

Sources: Retro Studs, Welcome to My World (photos), my library (vid).

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