Vintage: George Payne – Brian Granger (Men Come First)

Vint70s-Lvr: This is HOT! Daddy George dominates his willing buddy Brian. The chemistry between them is palpable. George is a door-to-door popper salesman (right?!). He shares a hit with Brian and they drift into, well popper-like slomo and a surreal fantasy scene. A box of popper ampoules from the 70s (yes, I remember) is the backdrop to a slightly kinky moment of leather whip domination by George. Brian then gives him a very slow and sensual blowjob. The videography is beautiful and sexy, back when porn really had to have a story to make it past the obscenity laws.

Vint70s-Lvr: In the second clip George returns the favor, sucking and stroking Brian’s rock-hard cock on that poppers backdrop and then mounting him from behind. Brian writhes with pleasure. The intensity of George’s thrusts picks up, and he dumps a load on Brian’s ass before the camera fades out to that box of poppers.

Woof woof woof! My first daddy looked a lot like George, and this clip brings back some pretty powerful memories.

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