Vintage: Michael Braun top and bottom (Gold Rush Boys)

Vint70s-Lvr: Versatile daddy Michael Braun tops Kurt Williams, then takes it from JW King while he sucks Nick Jarrett.

In the first clip Michael readies Kurt’s hole with a slow and delicious rimming. You can practically feel Michael’s whiskers tickling your bum. Both men are hot and leanly muscled, but Michael’s nicely furred chest and belly complement his beard to make the daddy package complete. Michael slides into Kurt doggy style, fucking him deeply while bracing against Kurt’s back and a foot stool. Michael shoots a big dripping load onto Kurt’s ass.

Vint70s-Lvr: In the movie’s final scene, JW King and Nick Jarrett enjoy a threeway with Michael. This time Michael bottoms, and who wouldn’t take that opportunity with Jim driving? Jim blows Michael, who in turn is sucking Nick. Michael repositions to take Jim doggy style, while Jim sucks Nick. There’s something very hot about seeing dad get turned, and no better man to do it to him than JW King.

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Braun seemed so good at that angular kind of fucking. Kurt Williams is such a cutie hotie that I must xplore further; this is my intro to him.

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