Vintage: Giorgio Canali – Jack Burke (Brothers Should Do It)

spurtingrod: Buddy went to visit his uncle Gio in Philly one spring break.  The weather ended up being awful and Buddy was stuck in the house with his uncle all day.  Gio wanted to know all about Buddy, if he had a girlfriend, what he liked to do with her.  All the men in their family were uncut.  Gio was real curious how Buddy’s cock had developed.

One rainy afternoon Gio took out his old bong and got Buddy high.  Gio convinced Buddy that it would be cool if be could “show his favorite nephew a few things…..”  

It turns out Buddy is a natural and in no time Uncle Gio was making him feel real good inside.  

From then on Buddy became a regular visitor to his uncle in Philly.  It made his dad real happy.  He always felt Buddy was a little lost and that Gio would set him on the right track.

Man did he.

Vint70s-Lvr: Giorgio Canali beautifully fucking Jack Burke in a clip from Brothers Should Do It. Jack and Giorgio make out in front of a fireplace. Both have big beautiful uncut dicks. Jack tells Giorgio he wants that dick up his ass, and Giorgio thrusts it all the way in. Jack is beautifully filmed pinned face down, ass up, and flashes his hot sweaty pit toward the camera as he turns to encourage Giorgio’s fucking. They reposition doggie-style in front of the fireplace. You can feel the heat, smell the sweat, and believe the amazing climax. A little cum splatter on the lens just adds to your sense of voyeurism.

I love love love William Higgins’ eye for storytelling and porn cinematography.

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