Vintage: Giorgio Canali – Jack Burke (Brothers Should Do It)

Vint70s-Lvr: Giorgio Canali fucks Jack Burke in the Higgins classic film “Brothers Should Do It.” Setting up the scene, Jack and Giorgio canoodle in front of a fireplace. Both men have beautiful uncut dicks. Jack tugs and masterfully sucks Giorgio’s large cock. Jack tells Giorgio he wants that dick up his ass. Giorgio obliges, and shoves it in with one stoke. Jack is pinned, face down and ass up. He turns to play with Giorgio’s nipple, flashing a sweaty pit and grunting while Giorgio’s balls slap against his asshole with every thrust. They reposition, now doggystyle in front of the fireplace. You can feel its heat, smell their sweat, and believe in their amazing climax. A little cum splatter on the lens just adds to your sense of voyeurism.

I love love love William Higgins’ eye for storytelling and porn cinematography. Link to video (not free) here.


  1. I alwayz get those Canalis mixed up. They’re both deliciouis of course.

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