Fuck! Mark Long – Dakota Young (Straight Up Cruisin’)

Vint70s-Lvr: Mark Long raw-fucks Dakota Young. The scene sets up at a waterfront cruising spot on a sunny afternoon. Dakota and Mark make eye contact, and they end up back at Dakota’s place. Though they are both gay “virgins” Dakota sucks Mark’s cock without a lot of small-talk. He’s never able to take it all in, so it seems like this pup needs more experience! About halfway into the video, Dakota asks Mark to reciprocate, which Mark politely declines. So Dakota sits down on Mark’s “long” raw cock in one smooth stroke. So much for the “virgin” plot! Soon he’s bouncing on it, and working up a sweat. Mark repositions and takes Dakota from behind. They end the scene with Dakota on his back, jacking his own significant cock and cumming while Mark fucks him. Mark pulls out and squirts. Link to video (not free) here.

Source: Gay Demon.

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