Vintage: Jack Wrangler

Vint70s-Lvr: Jack Wrangler is an iconic gay porn pioneer. My sexuality was awakening in the mid 70s, and Jack was the epitome of what I desired. Strong, ripped and butch! I used to dream of riding that cock forever.

Source: Male-Erotika, Tumblr.


    1. “Wanted” is one of my faves, with Jack playing role of sadistic prison guard who abuses his chain gang charges. “Sex Magic” features a very hot scene with Jack as a window washer who finds lust with equally hot Roger. “Heavy Equipment” features Jack in a three-way on a backhoe with Al Parker and Chris Adams. Thanks for following my blog!

      1. Youre most welcum. I know keeping a blog is can be allot of work, but you’ve gotta love it. Thanks for the suggestions: I’ve so far seen Sex Magic which is initially got me turned onto Wrangler although the one I was really hot for was “Roger” (and then Jack). So I’ll definitely look for “Wanted” and “Heavy Equipment”. (I saw parts of Arizona Trucking Company the other night and couldn’t get into it for some reason, possibly the poor video quality — as there were allot of scenes with the lights out). Best, Ian

      2. Thanks for the suggestions; I will definitely look for “WANTED” and hopefully take a peek at “Heavy Equipment” 🙂 . “Sex Magic” is the movie that initially turned me onto Wrangler earlier this summer, but more so I was initially focused on Roger. Anyway, a couple nights ago I saw “Arizona Trucking Company” (or something like that) and couldn’t get into it for some reason, possibly because the video quality wasn’t very good. And the fact that a significant portion of it was shot with the lights out, didn’t help. Too, perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood that nite for the over-scruffiness of that movie. And thank YOU for your blog as I know it entails allot of work, and you’ve gotta love it! Best, Ian

          1. Well, I’m so grateful because I really hate Facebook and this is a cool alternative platform that I can follow. btw, love the sexy short shorts 🙂

  1. Vint70s, I am new to this site and do like it, but am learning how to navigate :-0. I may have sent the above comment to you twice. Oh well…..

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