Vintage: Dean Chasson – Michael Delfino (Naive Hitchhiker)

Vint70s-Lvr: Real men, real sex. Love these old mags and vids! Michael Delfino is someone I could have (but didn’t) know in the late 70s, coming out in New York.

The first minutes of this vid are over the top. Dean Chasson picks up Michael Delfino, who is hitchhiking, and brings him home to watch str8 porn on a reel-to-reel projector. Well of course one thing led to another and we have a man-on-man flip fuck. Link to video (not free) here.

Source: Retro Studs, VHS archives.


  1. Wow, that video clip of the Manhandler film was so hot. The dialogue between the guys was so hot and natural. DEAN CHASSON is a gem of a find. I must look up the movie and hopefully view it and get to see more of Dean online. I like how casual they were with each other, and seemed totally vers. Thanks for cuing me in on these terrific retro films and beautiful men 🙂 ! ~Ian

    1. The old loops from 70s before VHS became a thing are still my faves. Hokey voiceovers and odd shadows from the cameramen aside.

      1. Hey the hokiness is part of the charm indelibly etched into these retro finds. Funny in a delightful way. I thought I was getting into retro with the 80s movies from the video years — but now I’m wondering if 70s gay porn is not in a class of all by itself.

  2. Yeah, that Leigh Erickson was and probably is still such a dream guy. I’ve known of him for about a year now. A great overall guy with a interesting personality to boot…and of course that thick tool that is the envy of any real man.

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