Vintage: Bill Adams – Vince Clark (Champs)

Vint70s-Lvr: A photo of Bill Adams sucking a hitchhiker (Vince Clark) circulated for years on Tumblr. Fortunately the Internet knows (nearly) all, and I eventually found the source. It’s from the iconic Falcon flick “Champs.”

So Bill is driving down a California road in a vintage Bel Air, jacking his cock. He sees Vince hitchhiking, and pulls over to pick him up. Vince grabs Bill’s hard cock, raising his own. Bill sucks his lucky buddy for a bit, then takes the action outside the car. Bill shoves his big cock up Vince’s ass. Vince shoots his load on the side of that car as Bill shoots on his ass. Bill leaves Vince along Highway 101 outside of San Francisco. Link to video (not free) here.

Source: Tumblr, ‘net.


  1. Hey Vint (I’m so bad @ names. Forgive me, I know you have a name, but I’ll use a shortened version of your handle if u don’t mind 🙂 . Anyhu thanx for the link to Champs. I’m going to watch it late tonight, to put the cherry on my birthday cake. xo, Ian

  2. Hey guy, thanx for your well wishes on my birthday. (It came and went). Anyhu, I saw your comment over at Vidster, and I thus replied and also commented there re: “Champs”. I cut and pasted the comment, as follows: “Hi Vint70s, this is Ian, a regular on your most informative hot-blog. My favorite scene “hands down” was the “Will Seagers and The Hustler” scene, involving the shrink and the young dude with the yellow shirt. Of course my preference is allot of face shots and this clip had ’em, as well as the butt fingering, which was so hot. Wish I knew that actor’s name and if he’s still about.”

    1. Morning, my #1 Fan! The guy with Will Seagers is Tony Roberts, per GayEroticVideoIndex DOT COM. Yeah, he is pretty fukkin hot, eh?

      1. Ah, you should have loads more fans on WordPress. So glad I discovered you on and got into WordPress – cuz I hate Facebook. Thumbs up, Ian

        1. I find only one other (GayEroticVideoIndex dot com) – an old loop film that was folded into a Falcon Video Pac called Stud Me. He is fucked by Duff Paxton.

          1. Wow, you’re a walking encyclopedia of men! Amazing! I will check out “Stud Me”. It seems there are allot of cases like Tony who just made one or a couple of gay movies, and then quit.

  3. Thanks too for the cue in 🌹 on that fuckin’ hot dude in Champs. The innocence, the charm, the looks, the whole package is what he had. I must needs do a search on this Tony Roberts, and am hoping he did many more hot gay vids.

  4. With those sexy legs, you could have made something of a career of it ;

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