Fuck! Jaxton Wheeler – Bennett Anthony

Vint70s-Lvr: Okay, so I backed into this post (haha) after finding one of the GIFs of Jaxton Wheeler fucking Bennett Anthony bareback in my Tumblr feed. The video is a streamer from The Guy Site. Bennett pins Jaxton first, who is face down and dominated by his muscular ginger buddy. Goddam, that’s hot – Jaxton’s role is usually on top – so I loved watching Bennett take in Jaxton’s fat cock raw. Jaxton goes easy on Bennett until he adjusts, then plows him hard before breeding his buddy’s hole. I sure would love to be the middle of that manwich! Link to video (not free) here.

I also found a photo set from Pride Studio’s video “I Need To Be Examined.” Dr. Anthony examines Jaxton, giving him the special treatment. Jaxton exerts his masculine dominance and before long he gets to perform a deep anal probe of his doc.

Sources: Banana Guide, Manhunt Daily.

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