Fuck! Cliff Parker and Alec Campbell (Grand Prize)

Vint70s-Lvr: Cliff Parker flip-fucks Alec Campbell in “Grand Prize.” I’m not a big fan of shaved bodies, but Cliff shows his young buff physique in all its glory.

As the scene opens, the men make out and rub their cocks together. Their tighty whities bulge. Cliff gets on his hands and knees and sucks Alec, who takes advantage of that position and slides his hands into Cliff’s drawers. After some mutual cock sucking, Alec straddles Cliff’s face, and Cliff rims him. Alec leans down in 69 position, and opens Cliff’s hole with his fingers. I loved seeing Cliff’s legs raised and wrapped around Alec during this assplay! Cliff rims Alec, then they lay down on the carpet.

Cliff gets his hole poked first, riding Alec cowboy then lowering onto his back for a deep hard fuck. The men are verbal and physical, fist-smacking each other’s chest. Cliff gets his turn, fucking Alec from behind. They reposition, with Cliff pile-driving Alec on his back. The scene ends with the men on their knees, sweaty and spent but still rock hard. They alternately punch each other’s chests and kiss while they jack out their loads. Link to video (not free) here.

Source: ‘net.

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