Fuck! Jeff Powers, Brandon Evans and Tobias (Rednecks)

Vint70s-Lvr: Brandon Evans, Jeff Powers and Tobias hook up in Bromo’s “Rednecks.” Porn newcomer Tobias and his buddy Brandon Evans have some fun in the backwoods. Their pickup truck is the prop for the opening scene. Alone in the woods and horny, Brandon sucks his ripped buddy’s cock. Tobias takes it up a notch, and fucks Brandon bareback over the truck’s tailgate. Back at the trailer, a payback is due. Brandon fucks Tobias, while his buddy chokes down Jeff’s big cock. Jeff finishes the job in Tobias’ ass. Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Queer Fever, Boys Porn Pics, Gay Porn Patrol, Tumblr.

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