Fuck! Diego Sans – Kip Johnson (Puppy Love)

Vint70s-Lvr: Diego Sans tops Kip Johnson in Men’s “Puppy Love.” Diego just gets hotter and hotter; he’s sporting natural fur and is letting his hair grow out. So each dude wakes up in their own beds, which they share with their puppies. Diego’s pittie is so fucking adorable! The men meet while walking their dogs, and end up at Kip’s place. In front of a mirror, the dudes suck each other, and Diego opens Kip’s hole with his tongue. Diego is a generous top, and when he starts fucking Kip, he doesn’t hold back. Kip looks like he’s needing a break, but the switch positions and he rides Diego’s cock like a horny sailor. Not content to lay there, Diego takes back the top role to finish the scene. Kip, with his shoulder-length hair freed and flowing, jacks himself to a big belly splash. He was indeed one lucky puppy! Link to video (not free) here.

Source: Marc Dylan, ‘net.

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