Fuck! Huessein – Colin West (Arabesque)

Vint70s-Lvr: Huessein fucks Colin West in the headline scene from Raging Stallion’s “Arabesque.” The visual contrast between Huessein’s dark hairy body and Colin’s smooth inked skin caught my eye when I saw this photo set in Tumblr. The scene opens at a bazaar. Five shirtless, sweaty men catch “the look” and know they’re among friends. The scene moves safely indoors. Sarib, Joey Russo and “JC” are also in this party. The men take turns sucking each other, then Colin gets on his hands and knees and becomes the center of attention. While the men take turns rimming and fingering his hole, he strokes his pierced hard cock. Huessein gets the first fuck. Huessein is a powerful top, and Colin is all too happy to take it. Sweat pours from their bodies from the heat and exertion. At one point, juices are flowing from Colin’s ass – one can imagine Huessein deep breeding him. Link to video (not free) here.

Source: Just Us Boys.

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