Fuck! Chris Steele

Vint70s-Lvr: Big, beefy Chris Steele in action. He fucks Josh Weston, Caesar, Pavel Novotny, and Lane Fuller, plus a couple of random guys I can’t reference.

Sources: Tumblr, ‘net.

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All cute guys. The first couple of the first pic (on top) are particularly cute. Nice work, Vinc!

I take it Chris Steele is the dark-haired burlier guy. He quite the guy, wasn’t he?

I am new to Chris Steele and am totally “taken in”. All the way in. I really do want to check out the film “Coach” when I next have a chance. Thanx for the iintroduction, Vince!

The “In Bed With” photo is remarkable and amazing photogenically. Weston falling into a “Steele” chest, as Steele in all of his male dominance helplessly yield like a puppy dog — is a prize-winning photo shot. What a great couple!

Thanx for introducing me to “real Steele”. Where would the known world be without steel?

Hey Vince, who’s the cute guy on bottom in the top pic of this picture set on wordpress. He looks like he’s already balding a bit in front, but so damn hot.

Hey Vince, got anythang on Dave Connors, whom I’ve just discovered? He was in one of the horniest movies I’ve ever seen, “One In A Billion”. Wowsie!!

Heya Ian – Billion was great – I’ll have to dig some stuff outta archive. I do have two other posts of Dave – use the search bar in the upper right corner of your window to find him. I preferred “Biggest One.”

Thanks Vince, for your “input” ; and suggestions RE: Dave Conners. I had only recently discovered the man and his enormous schlong. I’ve never seen such thick/long cock in a retro video as I did in Billionaire, a film which really did great justice to “the man”. Too bad he left us so soon 🙁 Thanks again and stay well (I must be back in the big 80s using that kind of lingo, but it’s now the “Coronoa that everybody seems to fear). ~Best, Ian

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