Fuck! Tristan Hunter – Dante Drackis (Brother Crush)

Vint70s-Lvr: Tristan Hunter and Dante Drackis raw-fuck for Brother Crush. Dante tops Tristan in “I’ll Scratch Your Back If You Scratch Mine.” Tristan walks in on Dante, who is jacking his large cock while watching a porn video on his phone. Tristan wants to get rid of Dante because his girlfriend is on her way over. There’s a price – suck it dude! Tristan complies, and finds himself getting hard. Dante notices, and takes it up a level. He bends his ‘stepbro’ over and raw-fucks him on the sofa. The roles reverse in “Can I Borrow Your Car?” This time Dante needs a favor, and Tristan takes it out in trade on the kitchen counter. I can’t find this second video on Brother Crush, but you may be able to find it on a tube site.

Source: Waybig, Brad Bare.

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