Vintage: Nick Mauro – Paul Irish (Split Screen)

Vint70s-Lvr: Photos of Nick Mauro displaying his rugged manhood in a vintage truck are difficult to find on Google. I’m guessing they are from one of the early 80s gay skin mags. Nick’s porn legacy is short but his dark scruffy good looks are right up my alley.

Paul Irish was also a flash in the porn world, with just two videos to his credit. One of those was a sequel to Boys in the Sand, in which he paired up with Pat Allen.

The clip below is super hot! A voyeur with a set of binoculars catches Nick and Paul doing the deed in the woods. I imagine this scene taking place in our Buena Vista park, a once legendary cruising area in San Francisco’s Haight neighborhood. I spent many a night walking those trails in my younger, wilder days and this vid strikes a lovely chord in my memories.

Sources: thefagmag, Retro Studs, Tumblr.

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