Fuck! Paddy O’Brian – Gabriel Vanderloo (Prisoner of War)

Vint70s-Lvr: Paddy O’Brian fucks Gabriel Vanderloo in Men’s “Prisoner of War.” The scene opens with Paddy straining at his bonds, muscles rippling and sweat dripping. Gabriel is his cruel captor, and taunts him with a bottle of water and a banana. Paddy breaks free, and because it’s porn Gabriel is quickly on his knees. Paddy face fucks Gabriel, then turns him around and spreads his ass cheeks. He power fucks Gabriel, who is braced against their transport vehicle. Sweat and grim streak down their bodies. They reposition, and Gabriel rides Paddy’s cock like a bronco. Gabriel’s big cock swings back and forth to the rhythm. Both men jerk their loads onto Gabriel’s belly. Link to video (not free) here. Check out another scene from this video here.

Sources: Queer Me Now, Tumblr.

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