Fuck! Dennis West – Landon Mycles (My Dirty Uncle)

Vint70s-Lvr: Dennis West fucks Marcus Mojo in Men’s “My Dirty Uncle.” The scene title describes its setup. Uncle Dennis finds his handsome nephew Marcus wearing only a towel. The towel drops and Dennis shows Marcus how he sucks cock. Marcus’ cock approves, and he reciprocates on Dennis. Meanwhile, Dennis fingers Marcus’ hole. Marcus gets on his hands and knees, and Dennis continues to tease Marcus’ hole with his cock head. Marcus takes Dennis’ cock, slowly at first. As he opens up Dennis picks up the pace. Dennis fucks a load out of Marcus as he jacks himself, then he jerks his own load onto Marcus’ hot treasure patch. Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Marc Dylan, Tumblr.


  1. Marcus Mojo was a really great looking man with a handsome body when these pix were taken. Thanks for your wonderful & hot shares.

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