Vintage: Matt Ramsey – Brian Michaels (The Bigger the Better)

Vint70s-Lvr: Matt Ramsey fucks Brian Michaels. “The Bigger the Better” was my most used and abused videos, and this was one of my go-to scenes. After receiving from Rick Donovan one of the most savage fucks ever, Matt works out with one of his students and returns the favor. Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Just Us Boys, Tumblr.


  1. Thanx Vint 😋. I alwayz think of u az Vint (short for Vincent of course which undoubtedly would be a kewl name). Did u know his alter ego Peter North recently appeared in a YouTube video interview and I can vouch that he is looking very good @ 65. Little did I know he was born in Canada, tho I can get the French.

    1. Always intrigues me, the gay-4-pay thing, but will always appreciate his short career in gay porn. Plus, any man who can take it up the ass by Rick Donovan and appear to enjoy it is not all that str8 :).

  2. Also, Bobbie Madison was quite the babe. I wonder if he’s still around?

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