Fuck! Austin Wolf – Caleb Strong (Randy Blue)

Vint70s-Lvr: Austin Wolf tops Caleb Strong for Randy Blue. The ripped dudes worship each other’s muscles, beautifully lit by a large window. Austin feeds his cock to Caleb, then Caleb returns the favor. Caleb squats over Austin’s face, still backlit by that large window. Someone across the street got a very exciting show! Anyway, Caleb is soon riding Austin’s cock cowboy. Austin is a powerful top, even when he’s laying down – he thrusts up into Caleb’s ass fast and rough. Caleb then gets on his hands and knees. Austin gives Caleb’s hole some more tongue and works it with his fingers before plunging his cock back inside. Caleb and Austin take turns driving; the camera’s PoV is outstanding! There is super hot passion between these two men as Austin amps up the power. They end the scene with Caleb on his back. He jacks out a big load while Austin fingers his hole. Austin jerks his load out, which Caleb slurps up and feeds back to Austin’s hungry mouth. Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Suck A Boner, Banana Guide.

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