Fuck! Jimmy Fanz, Dennis West and Asher Hawk (Naughty Boys)

Vint70s-Lvr: Jimmy Fanz fucks Dennis West. Jimmy on top is a nice treat. Lean, hairy and lanky, I’ve been a Jimmy fan for a long time. In this scene, Jimmy comes home to an irritated “stepdad” (eyeroll, please). Jimmy sucks Dennis’ long hard cock, slowly and to the root. When Dennis says he’s ready to fuck Jimmy, he’s like “uh-no no no.” Jimmy rims Dennis with his heavy scruffy beard, and then shoves his cock into Dennis. The dialog is a bit strange (not my edit), and it honestly does not come across as a “revenge fuck,” but its novelty earned my attention.

But wait, there’s more! In the sequel, Asher Hawk is Jimmy’s other stepson. After discovering they had mutual interest, Asher and Jimmy decide to gang up on Dennis. After they suck his cock, Dennis fucks Asher while Jimmy gets his cock sucked. They switch positions, and Jimmy fucks Asher. All’s well that ends well; Asher wears their loads, running down his chest. Link to that video (not free) here.

Source: The Sword.

Fuck! Dennis West, Theo Ford and “Darth Vader” (Men)

Vint70s-Lvr: Dennis West is versatile and hairy (two pluses in my book), so after I saw his hot scene with Bennett Anthony, I went on the prowl. Here is the first of two spoof videos. The first spins off the “GoT” series. Dennis fucks Theo Ford in the secluded corner of a dungeon. The scene starts with Dennis sucking Theo’s fat uncut dick. Dennis turns Theo around, spits on his hole and opens it up. He gives the young stud a proper fucking, and Theo unloads. Dennis follows suit, loudly squirting on Theo’s stomach. Feet and skin, dad and lad, sweat and spit. Yum! Link to that video (not free) is here.

The second video is a Star Wars parody. It’s extreme costume fucking at it’s best. As “Hans,” Dennis is forced to suck Darth Vader’s thick uncut cock. Being the dark lord and all that, of course Darth dominates the scene. While the storm-troopers watch and jerk themselves off, Darth fucks Dennis from behind. Dennis can’t be too disappointed in the turn of events; they reposition so Dennis can ride it while jacking himself to a big squirt. Link to that video (not free) is here.

Source: Banana Guide.

Fuck! Bennett Anthony – Dennis West (Fucked At First Sight)

Vint70s-Lvr: Bennett Anthony and Dennis West in “Fucked at First Sight.” I love the copperheads, and I like it rough. This video checks both. After some mutual sucking, Bennett lubes up Dennis’ hole with his tongue, and takes him from behind. The fucking is intense, and Dennis is loving it at least as much as I am. Dennis cums as Bennett slams his ass, and Bennett leaves a squirt on Dennis’ face. Mano a mano, sweat fur and ink. The video is no longer commercially available, but you may still find it on a tube site.

Source: Hairy Guys in Porn.

Fuck! Dennis West – Landon Mycles (My Dirty Uncle)

Vint70s-Lvr: Dennis West fucks Marcus Mojo in Men’s “My Dirty Uncle.” The scene title describes its setup. Uncle Dennis finds his handsome nephew Marcus wearing only a towel. The towel drops and Dennis shows Marcus how he sucks cock. Marcus’ cock approves, and he reciprocates on Dennis. Meanwhile, Dennis fingers Marcus’ hole. Marcus gets on his hands and knees, and Dennis continues to tease Marcus’ hole with his cock head. Marcus takes Dennis’ cock, slowly at first. As he opens up Dennis picks up the pace. Dennis fucks a load out of Marcus as he jacks himself, then he jerks his own load onto Marcus’ hot treasure patch. Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Marc Dylan, Tumblr.