Fuck! Hot Dudes and Men (Jan. 2022)

Vint70s-Lvr: Random hot dudes and dads fucking.¬†Eduardo fucks Dean Coulter in “Eruption.” I love watching these two hot studs fucking on the beach. Greg York, long-haired biker-type gives and takes it raw for Ricky Raunch. I’m pretty sure these pics are from “Meet the Barebackers.” From yesteryear, Mike and Nick get it on in the woodshop. Love those white tube socks!

Sources: Beef, Boots and Buttplugs, Tumblr.

Fuck! Hot Dudes and Men (Jan. 2021)

Vint70s-Lvr: Random hot dudes and dads fucking.¬†Champ Robinson and RJ take turns using Owen Hawk in “Power Sluts.” Champ fucks and breeds Owen. Arpad Miklos takes turns fucking Alex Baresi and Eduardo in “Breakers.” Super hot and interesting video; I don’t recall ever seeing Eduardo bottom and i LOVE to see a top man turned. Greg York and Peter Axel team up again, this time with Troy Webb in “Meet the Barebackers.”

Sources: BBTH, Tumblr.