Random: Hot Dads and Dudes (Jul. 2021)

Vint70s-Lvr: Random hot dudes and dads, men and lads. Jason Dickinson did a hot photo set for Michael Stokes. Jack Hacker catches Mickey Squires in the act and makes him pay for his crime. Marc Scalvo shows off his impressive cock – is it for the gals or the dudes? Porn buddies Jaxton Wheeler and Xavier pose and mug for the camera.

Source: Tumblr.

Landon – Paolo (All-American Heroes)

Vint70s-Lvr: All-American Hero featured rugged str8 men who dabble on the gay side. In this session, Airman Paolo services inked fireman Landon. A-AH bills it as Landon’s first m-2-m encounter. Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Hall of Hot Men, Tumblr.

Tommy Tucker

Vint70s-Lvr: Paragon model Tommy Tucker. Ripped, rugged and hot. Gimme some aroma from those pits and feet!

Sources: Gay Porn Obsession, Tumblr.

Vintage: Ed Wiley – Cole Taylor (Head Trips)

Vint70s-Lvr: Scene from “Head Trips.” Ed Wiley teases Cole Taylor by stroking his long hard dick. Cole gets on his knees to oblige, and then Vincent Thomas walks in on them. Not missing a beat, he joins Ed and Cole. Ed fucks Vincent first, then Cole gets his turn. This film ran with a virtual reality theme, decades before its time. My VHS is long gone. Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Tumblr, ‘net.

Brett Mycles

Vint70s-Lvr: Brett Mycles (“Rob Sager”) had a stunning, ripped body and handsome face. He modeled for Playgirl and Blueboy, and did some nude wrestling videos before doing a few hard core porn videos.

Sources: Adonis Male, Muscle Worshipers Delights, Men of Porn.

Vintage: Bill Eld and buddies

Vint70s-Lvr: Bill Eld (“Bill Young”), with a variety of unidentified buddies. I’ve not identified the model with heavy mutton chops in the black/white photo set. Sure would like to see more of him!

The scene from “Workmen’s Compensation” sets up in a motel room. A young attendant delivers extra towels to Bill’s room, and finds him jacking in the shower. Bill fills the dude’s holes, and leaves him with a face-wiping finish. Link to that video (not free) here.

Sources: Collector’s Realm, Tumblr, ‘net.

Dean Phoenix

Vint70s-Lvr: Dean Phoenix, then and now. He’s still quite the looker. I would not hesitate to ride that big hooked (and hooded) cock!

Sources: Queer Me Now, The Sword, 3x Muscles, Boys in the Sand, Tumblr.

Colby Jansen

Vint70s-Lvr: Colby Jansen. Scruffy bear, hot versatile daddy. I’ve seen a few of his dad on dad and dad on lad vids.

Sources: Tumblr, ‘net.

Random: Hot Dads and Dudes (Mar. 2014)

Vint70s-Lvr: Random hot dudes and dads, men and lads. Intimate and slutty, ripped and rugged, eyes that say “fuck you.”

Source: Tumblr.