Fuck! Austin Wolf – Ian Parker (Rough Delivery)

Vint70s-Lvr: Austin Wolf fucks Ian Parker for Randy Blue’s “Rough Delivery.” The headline photo was in my Tumblr, and I had to see more. I’m a big Austin fan. I’m an even bigger fan of sexy guys with pretty feet, which Ian has.

Ian plays a delivery dude, who steals money from Austin’s wallet. Naturally Austin catches him. Austin ties Ian’s hands behind his back with a belt and grabs his throat. He pushes Ian down on his knees and face fucks him in front of a large picture window. Lucky dude in the apartment across the street!

Ian planks himself on the window sill. Austin supports Ian’s legs on his shoulders and rims him. Ian’s hole is fucking hot and hairy! Austin opens it with his fingers, using spit for lube. Austin fucks Ian hard from behind; Ian’s hands are again bound behind his back. The scene cuts; Ian now braces himself on the back of a sofa. His feet rest on Austin’s shoulders while Austin fucks him. Austin apparently forgives. Ian, now sits against the picture window with his bound wrists above his head. Austin sucks his cock, then jacks the young perp to a huge squirt and feeds it to him. Austin gets a final suck from Ian, then blows his load on the the dude’s scruffy beard. Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Manhunt Daily, ‘net.

Fuck! Jordan Levine, Ian Parker and Cameron Marshall (Makeout Point)

Vint70s-Lvr: Jordan Levine fucks Ian Parker at a secluded car park while Cameron Marshall looks on and jacks off. “Makeout Point” is a cross between horror and porn. Despite violence at the end of the video, the vigorous fucking and voyeuristic perspective from which it is was shot is pretty fukkin hot. Link to video note free here.

Source: Banana Guide.