Fuck! Ricky Ares – Jessy Ares (Savaged)

Vint70s-Lvr: Porn couple Ricky and Jessy Ares hook up after the bar closes. Ricky dominates the suited businessman from top to bottom, bringing back fun memories of backroom stand-up sex. It’s sweaty, smelly and animalistic and yet intimate. Pit licking, rimming, assteasing and hard pounding. Just wow!

Source: 3x Muscles

Fuck! Jessy Ares – Mitchell Rock (Awake)

Vint70-Lvr: Jessy Ares fucks Mitchell Rock on a beach. Mitchell takes Jessy’s rough piston-like pounding like a power bottomed beast, building up his own self-fucking rhythm. Grrr!

Sources: Juicy Gay, Tumblr.