Josh West – Cam Kurtz (Arcade on Route 9)

Vint70s-Lvr: Josh West and Cam Kurtz in a scene from “Arcade on Route 9.” Josh is a rugged tow-truck driver who finds Cam hitchhiking, and offers him a lift. Stop right there. This is already very interesting porn.

Back at the garage, Josh and Cam trade blowjobs. Josh’s cock has a mean downard hook, and Cam’s is long, fat and uncut. The scene has a surprise wet ending, rather than the pounding I expected. All is not lost. In other scenes, Cam rides Adam Young in a porno video booth, while Josh fucks Peter Axel in another.

This is porn the way I remember it, anonymous, sleazy and just dirty enough to be memorable. I wouldn’t trade those experiences for all the instant hookups in the world.

Source: Mansurfer, Tumblr.


Fuck! Josh West – Ethan Wolfe (Hot House Backroom)

Vint70s-Lvr: Mega-hung men Josh West and Ethan Wolfe. This is daddy/boy at its best! After some mutual cock worship, Ethan hops onto Josh’s cock and takes it all the way in. Ethan’s rock hard cock shows just how much he enjoyed it. Now, to see these two flip!

Source: Just Us Boys.


Josh West

Vint70s-Lvr: Josh West has the ultimate cock! That one would take a lot of patience, but what a ride it would be. 

Sources: Manhunt Daily, Tumblr.