Vintage: Rod Phillips – Lee Ryder (Trouble Shooters)

Vint70s-Lvr: OMG score, I just found this set on Adonis Male! I’ve only seen two of them before.

Lee Ryder and his buddy Rod Phillips were two of the hottest porn actors of their time. Their lean good looks and hard fat cocks were always a huge turn-on. It’s sad that these photo sets become more rare in the age of cheap and easy Tube videos. Skin mags had to lure you in with enticing cover photos. Both of these easily hit the mark.

Source: Adonis Male.


Vintage: Lee Ryder

Vint70s-Lvr: Lee Ryder. His strapping good looks and 10″ rod put Lee in a class of his own. His film credits include “The Biggest One I Ever Saw,” “A Few Good Men” and “Spokes.”  

Sources: Brutos Eros, Retro Studs, ‘net.


Vintage: Lee Ryder, Rod Phillips and Mark Hunter (High Voltage)

Vint70s-Lvr: Lee Ryder, Rod Phillips and Mark Hunter. The “High Voltage” setup: three guys go horseback riding in the beautiful Sierra foothills, and because this is porn they are horny. Rod and Mark take turns sucking Lee’s giant dick, then Lee and Rod (who himself has an impressive cock) take turns fucking Mark.

Sources: Tumblr, ‘net.


Vintage: Lee Ryder – Peter Barrie (A Few Good Men)

Vint70s-Lvr: Lee Ryder and Peter Barrie pair up in “A Few Good Men.” Peter Barrie, a loudmouth drill sergeant, climbs up onto the top bunk of a barracks room and captures Lee Ryder’s attention. Peter’s fat uncut dick descends from the mattress above. Lee brings Peter’s dick (and his own) to life an a fucking HOT jerkoff session. Both men shoot their big loads, cum running down Lee’s arm to his sweaty armpit.

Side note, I often hoped one of my own shipmates would get that urge!

Later, Lee shows his sergeant just who’s boss. In uniform, Peter is on his knees, worshiping Lee’s humongous boner. Director Steve Scott captures the heat of this scene perfectly. Lee takes Peter’s ass from behind, giving him all 10″ without mercy.

Source: Gods Amongst Men, my vintage VHS library.