Vintage: Therapy

Vint70s-Lvr: Surge’s “Therapy” is one of my all-time classic porn faves. Daniel Holt plays a sexy bearded therapist whose gay clientele have a penchant for risky sex. The video provides a voyeuristic journey through anonymous toilet and back-ally hookups, with a rather unusual final scene.

Shawn Roberts and Blake Cass connect through a men’s toilet gloryhole. Blake has an enormous hooked, hooded cock. What a pleasant surprise when a dude stands a few feet away from your face at a urinal and jacks his cock to life. Shawn, brawny and sporting a gorgeous treasure trail, emerges from the stall and feeds Blake his stiff cock. Shawn then sucks Blake’s cock, which elicits an enormous squirt. Just afterward, a couple of vice cops (Al Parker and Steve Taylor) break up the scene. The next scene also features Shawn, now with Rick Taylor. Shawn fucks Rick, who braces on the lavatory. Another squirtus-interruptus, and the vice cops are back to break up the scene. Seems Shawn hasn’t quite learned his lesson, but he thoroughly enjoys his adventures.

In the next scene, leather meets sweater in an after-hour alley fuck. Pierce Daniels and Alex Lago feed their cocks to Rich Parsons, slowly undressing him to reveal a ripped frat-boy wearing tighty-whities. Pierce takes charge, and rips Rich’s underwear to expose his creamy white, muscular ass. Rich begs the daddies to fuck him. Rich bends over to suck Alex’s soft cock while Pierce fucks him from behind. The foreskin worship is classic Parker porn (he and Steve Taylor owned Surge). Pierce unloads on Rich’s ass, and Rich jacks his load onto Alex’s chest.

Tico Patterson and David Ashfield fuck Eric Ross in a bank vault, over a pile of gold bricks. Eric is a horny banker willing to up his ass for some of his client’s gold. From behind, David (the customer) fucks Eric slowly and sensually with his long beautiful cock. Midway into it David hollers out to Tico, a security guard who stands just outside the vault, and invites him to join the fun. Tico feeds Eric humongous cock while David continues to fuck him. Later, Tico takes control of the scene, and fucks Eric mercilessly. Eric blows his load with Tico’s cock inside him, and David squirts on Eric’s face. The video setup is hokey, but I’ll bet Eric left that shoot with a smile and a sore ass! Link to video (not free) here.

Sources: Tumblr, VHS archives.

Vintage: Chad Douglas – Pierce Daniels (Tyger Tales)

Vint70s-Lvr: Chad Douglas fucks Pierce Daniels raw and rough in the pre-condom video “Tyger Tales.” The video featured some of my early 80s faves. Pierce takes Chad’s ginormous cock with absolute pleasure. My eyes would roll back too! The video is not commercially available for streaming, but you may find a tube archive of it.

Source: VHS archives.

Vintage: Century Mining

Vint70s-Lvr: Eric Ryan fucks Pierce Daniels in “Century Mining.” This video is industrial and dirty. Directed by Al Parker, his fetishes of big cock, rough-cut men, and animal sex are all on full display. Eric gives Pierce a ride for his money in the foreman shack of a mine. Throughout the scene, Pierce jacks himself to the fantasy that we are watching, which ends with a very satisfying, slo-mo explosion.

Elsewhere in the mine, Pat Allen fucks David Hughes. Their sex is public, dirty and hot. Pat’s cum splash is outstanding. Ray Williams then fucks Case Harden. Ray’s cock is enormous, so lucky Case! Case also rewards with an amazing cum splash, as an added bene. He is uncut, as are many actors Al Parker featured. His slo-mo finish makes me want to go SLURP!

The “Century Mining” finale is a four-way orgy ends with a splash. The “trapped miners” do not appear to be distressed or in any hurry for rescue. Chris Thompson fucks Blake Cass, and Brick fucks Blake McDonald. The men and their fucking are raw, dirty and sweaty.

Link to video (not free) here.

Source: VHS archives.