If you enjoy hot daddies, rugged dudes, raw sex, chiseled models, and vintage male icons, I’ve got something for ya! This site consists of over five years of Tumblr posts I migrated at the end of 2018. I post new content regularly. 

Tumblr refugee here…keeping the spirit alive.

Tumblr’s new ToS sucks. Their porn filter is fundamentally stupid, as it wrongly flags safe posts while still allowing many others that violate their new “community standard.” I don’t usually root for ineptitude, but I’ve figured out how to work it.  

Happy surfing fellas, and FUCKTUMBLR! 

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Update 03-Jan-20: Vint70s-Lvr is a year old! During that time, I’ve groomed (or curated, or whatever) posts for which the actor/model/subject is known. There are still a ton of “Legacy_Tumblr” posts that are accessible from the site menu. I’ll eventually comb through those and organize them by subject or theme. I’ll also continue to add new content, alternating vintage porn with the contemporary.