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If you enjoy hot daddies, rugged dudes, raw sex, chiseled models, and vintage male icons, I’ve got something for ya! Vint70s-Lvr was built from over five years of Tumblr posts I migrated at the end of 2018. The blog is an homage to male beauty and sexuality. It is a hobby and a passion, not a business. Always free, never any ads!

Content is curated from my Tumblr feed and the public domain. I attribute sources whenever possible. If I’ve posted something you own and want removed, please email me at vint70slvr@gmail.com and I will promptly comply.

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Update 03-Jan-20: Vint70s-Lvr is a year old! During that time, I’ve groomed (or curated, or whatever) posts for which the actor/model/subject is known. There are still a ton of “Legacy_Tumblr” posts that are accessible from the site menu. I’ll eventually comb through those and organize them by subject or theme. I’ll also continue to add new content, alternating vintage porn with the contemporary.

Update 22-Jan-21: Well, another year has elapsed. At long last, all of the legacy Tumblrs have been organized and hopefully deduped. Going forward, I’ll be focused on looking for new and interesting content, rather than design and cleanup of the site’s structure. It has been gratifying to see the number of visitors and subscribers steadily grow over the last couple of years – I really appreciate it!